Aquaulture from
idea to final project

Unique solutions for Aquaculture

At Plast Solutions we have an extensive experience and expertise in Aquaculture. Our great passion lies within the fish farm industry, and we strive to educate ourselves and think innovatively.

We can be involved from the start. Our expertise and professionalism ensure, that we always will find the optimal solution for your needs. We are involved from the finished design to the finished product.

We offer a unique solution for you who wants the best in RAS-systems. We want to make it easier for you, and therefore we offer our 360 Site Management package. The package is tailored for you who want a full and complete solution within various RAS projects.

The package include:

  • ZA minimum of 4 certified fitters (UVE/USME) – Skilled manpower
  • Z1 project manager who is responsible for coordination between Plast Solutions and the customer
  • ZOur own tools/offices – Complete equipment package for installation
  • ZSeparate invoices of miscellaneous expenses


  • Dødfiske kasser
  • Skumfjernere (skum cykloner)
  • Nitrogen degasser (Vakuum degasser)
  • CO2 degasser
  • PE lined fiskekar
  • Nødstrømsanlæg
  • Fiskeflytning
  • Bio filtre
  • Slam systemer
  • Sensorer
  • Flow metre
  • Platforme og gangbaner
  • Klækkerier
  • Foder anlæg
  • Filtre
  • Oxygen systemer
  • Ozone systemer
  • UV systemer
  • Kemi doseringssystemer
  • Varme-/køleanlæg
  • Nødstrømsanlæg
  • Pumper