Professional solutions
Water, Energy & Industry

Technical piping and
plastic welding

We offer a wide selection of solutions within the gas, water and industry.
We are flexible and proud of our work in Denmark and abroad. Due to our flexibility, Have our customers the benefits, that we can come and solve new projects and obstacles immediately. We offer work in both PE, PP, PVC and PVDF, in the workshop and on site's.

    We can offer:

      • UVE, USME & GAS-certification
      • El Socket & butt welding
      • Extruder welding
      • Production of special solutions in PE, PP, PVC & PVDF
      • Chemical & water tanks
      • leak, tightness and pressure testing
      • Installation & assembly
      • Water piping work

      We are proud of our assembly and solutions for contractors, biogas and industrial customers. With the right setup, we deliver the solutions that suit you.

      Contact us hvis i vil høre mere om vores løsninger inden for teknisk rørføring, plastsvejsning og præfabrikation.

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        Mogens HONORÈ EHMSEN

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        Lasse Nim Jensen

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